​​​​​​​We're excited to announce two races this year! 
Save the dates: May 25th in Utrecht and October 19th in Eindhoven. 
This year, Urban Photo Race is partnering with Dutch Street Magazine. 
Nominees and winners will be featured in the magazine! 

Why join the Urban Photo Race?

Meet Other Photographers: Connect with photography enthusiasts passionate about street and urban photography. Enjoy great conversations and relax with peers before, during, and after the race.

Explore the City: Discover the city in a new light as you navigate through the streets to various checkpoints, uncovering hidden gems and unique perspectives.

Challenge Yourself: Engage in thematic challenges designed to push your creative limits and improve your skills. Your work will be judged by a panel of professionals, providing valuable feedback.
For every race, we have an exciting array of prizes to award to our winners, ensuring their talents and efforts are handsomely rewarded. But that's not all—achievements will not go unnoticed beyond the racetrack. We are thrilled to announce that the nominees and winners will also gain prestigious recognition by being featured in Dutch Street Magazine. This is a fabulous chance to shine in the spotlight and be celebrated among peers and fans alike. Take a look below at the incredible prizes that await our champions!
Best Photographer award: 1st place overall €250
Best Photographer award: 2nd place overall €120
Best Photographer award: 3rd place overall €70
Best theme: 4 themes x €50 per theme
Jury favorit: 3 jury members x €25 per jury favorit
Nominees and winners get published in Dutch Street Magazine!
The prize amount will be securely transferred to the winner's account within one month following the official announcement of the winners. This process is designed to ensure that all necessary verifications and paperwork are completed smoothly, guaranteeing that the winners receive their well-deserved rewards without any undue delay. We prioritize a transparent and efficient transaction process to make sure that our winners can enjoy their prizes as soon as possible.
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