Every month I release a free online street photography magazine.
You can participate as many times as you like with up to three different photographs per issue (this does not have to be recent or new work).
Visitors can view the magazine online for free, they do not have to log in or commit to anything.
Dutch Street Magazine is a personal initiative from Dennis Sewberath Misser.
Do you have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to mail.
What is the reason I started this?
Online but also at local photo clubs I see the most beautiful images of unknown photographers. Sometimes the work doesn't get out beyond someone's room. 
Perhaps because the photographer doesn't want to share this on social media or doesn't have a personal website.
Through this magazine I want to give everyone another option to share their work. You decide which photos you want to show. 
And for the viewers it's a selection of best work from each artist. They don't have to go through all different social media channels, accounts and websites to see work from these photographers.

Why do the photographers decide what they want to show?
Although it can also be fun to enter your photos in contests or submit them to (online) galleries. It can also make you question whether your work is any good if you don't win or aren't selected. It doesn't mean your photo isn't good. A jury simply needs to have a number of indicators against which to judge a photo. 
The feeling, "this photo touches me", cannot be measured and there is a good chance that your photo may not be selected as a result. It would be a shame that the photo you submit gives you the feeling that the photo is not good. Or worse, that you think you're no good. 

We can therefore sometimes forget why we actually want to make images. And this can be different for everyone, maybe you just enjoy shooting, maybe it relaxes you, maybe you just want to record something or maybe you can express yourself through photography.

Anyway, it doesn't always have to be judged or condemned by an editor, jury or curator.
Besides shooting and making your final image, the selection process is a very important part in photography. Because you make a limited selection of 3 photos every month, you also learn to look critically at your own photos. A selection process of your own images is something only you can do. Not anyone else. 
That is why the motto for Dutch Street Magazine is "You make, you decide"!

What's in it for me?
I am passionate about street and documentary photography and love to see other people's work. Not just work by established or well-known photographers.
And I hope to meet other photographers that share the same passion. No matter if you are an experienced street photographer or just starting to hit the streets. 
I have met already a lot of other street photographers and it's great to to do things together like photo walks or meetings.
The magazine also gives me a great opportunity to show my images.

Why in english?
It is not only for Dutch visitors or photographers. It's for everyone who makes photos in the Netherlands. 
Regarding correspondence, you can just talk or write to me in English, German or Dutch.
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